Sea Journey

by Relaxate

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released April 21, 1989



all rights reserved


Relaxate Dallas, Texas

Reláxate composed, produced and recorded by David L. Markham using Reason.

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Track Name: Island Home
Island home.
Shady sand.
Sunlight on
warm cove.

Island home.
Misty Blue.
Deep colors in
sunset glow.

This time might be the one.
Ship passing by
Lite fire in the Son.
One day shipping lanes could change.
Come to save us away, from this island home.

Island home.
Intimate waves roll in.
Then storm come
wash us ashore again.

Island home.
The rains come.
Jungles have grown,
covers the way.

Island home.
All alone.
Ship no come,
This is my home.

Island home.
Sea journey away.
We have given up all,
and here we must remain...on this Island Home.
Track Name: Mainland Shore
Seaside wind in my hair.
Oh, to be there.

Sea spray in my eyes.
To realize.

Sweat on my brow, coming waves,
starboard bow.

Sails rippling in the storm,
tattered and torn. Soon to come down.

High sea's angry white waves.
Been lost at sea for days and days.
Somewhere close now there must be [closer and closer, we have found]
Mainland Shore...
Mainland Shore.

Sudden dark misty calm.
Eye of the storm, a rest for hands worn.

We must know the worst is to come.
But we've set our hearts firm on Mainland Shore.

There is true hope that on the
other side we will be home at last.

No matter what is to come,
our hope lies firm on Mainland Shore.

No sail enough to guide us on,
but we must press on......

But the masts still remain.
They remain the same, sound and strong.

Dark cloudy horizon black and gray
break - turn to blue.

The moment all our lives we've waited for.
Now in sight Mainland Shore.
Track Name: Blissful Cove
Warm night
open sea
softly sailing sailing.
Over soft pale moonlight
sailing slowly toward

shadowed island.
Shimmering beams
reflecting glassy water clear.
Restful calm, blissful cove.
We must anchor down.

Who would have known
such a blissful cove
in the midst of the storm.

Such a refuge [taste of paradise]
to rest our weary souls
before the long
long journey home.

Peaceful palm
rustle in the gentle whispering breeze
now cooling. Not a sound
only soft water
trickling down

on sandy shore gleaming.
Crystal cove so clear.
Seems as though millions
of fish are teaming
in the rocky coral color below.

Morning waves wake us.
A reminder of the beckoning sea.
Calling us onward.
Pressing forward
we must move on to Mainland Shore.

White waves
against soft sand
crashing. The cove no longer clear.
Hoist the anchor, set the sail.
For the mainstream we must travel on.
Track Name: Tall Ship
Our ship stands tall
on the high seas.
Bow cutting the waves,
sails snapping in the wind

The day grows long,
but our ship sails through the night.
White golden sails
filling in the wind.

Our feet firmly planted down
on decks as solid as dry ground.
With weak hand to hold no rail
we must have faith to set sail.
Slowly moving on.

The rolling waves
swelling and cumbering
rise and fall.
Soft deep ocean blue.

Vast open seas
miles and miles we've drifted away
far from any shore.
Homesick in our hearts.

The ship is old
and knows the sea.
It has carried us well
and led us through the storm.

Never subsided in gale.
Has never been deceived
by the calm quiet gazing eye
of the hurricane.
Track Name: Summertime On the Sea
Once a sailor traveled to a foreign land.
Saw a girl walking on the white sand.
Wind blowing in her hair.
So beautiful standing there.
"Come please take my hand", he said.
"Come come far away."

"Come fly with me.
Summertime on the sea.
Come fly with me," he said.
Summertime on the sea.

She had waited all her life for a man.
One to say please come and take my hand.
She thought about her home land.
Feet firmly planted on white sand.
Maybe would come a better lad.
Her heart grew very sad..

He had longed in his heart for a girl.
One who's eyes shined like the deep sea pearl.
One who would share his life's dream.
One who he could hold on to.
One who would sail the high seas.
"Oh, please please don't say no.."

The end of their time was drawing near.
His port of call was only for one year.
Said, "Forget about your home land.
Hand and hand we must take this firm stand.
The high seas call your name.
I beckon you now the same.."